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WordPress Development

Add a Year Shortcode in WordPress

A small feature that I always end up adding to most client websites I make, particularly larger template themes that I use for rapidly developing

WordPress Development

Removing Comments Completely from WordPress

Although wordpress has got better over the years with being able to combat spam issues, through DNS protection, various CAPTCHA, honeypot methods and the impressive

WordPress Development

Disable WordPress Auto Delete from Trash

By default WordPress will automatically delete anything added to trash after 30 days. To disable the built in WordPress auto trash feature, you can use

WordPress Development

Remove variation weights from Woocommerce

The following Query can be run once in your functions.php file. This will remove all the varation weights from your woocommerce install, and allow your

WordPress Development

Google Fonts not showing in Chrome

Currently, March 2014, there is a bug that does not show any external system fonts such as those loaded through Google Fonts and other remote

WordPress Development

Woocommerce Hide Price until User Logged in

This simple Woocommerce WordPress script can be modified for a variety of purposes, such adding in Country specific currency symbols like AUD, USD, or appending