Recently a project where I didn’t have access to a database, and only able to export the forms from within the wordpress administration – It was important to keep the same id’s as the other website.  The problem however is importing forms into a new database means also new ID’s as well.  And having the project linked with custom notification string that was going via Pardot to Sales force meant that both the website content / thank you pages / pardot strings and pardot console would all need to be updated and tested again.

For this you will need access to phpMyAdmin (your cPanel or custom wordpress hosting should give you access to this).

Navigate to wp_gf_form table – the only 2 tables we will edit is wp_gf_form and wp_gf_form_meta

From here you will see the following displayed.  For this example I am changing the contact form from ID 5 to ID 20.

Double click on the id and you can edit in the console – otherwise click edit at the start of the row.

Navigate to the wp_gf_form_meta table > Browse > Edit (row id 5)

Only 2 values need to be changed the ID at the top under value and at the bottom of the display_meta field, another ID will display.

Change these to the desired id – in my case it was 20.

And the form ID will change from 5 > 20

Linking all previous field ids, confirmations, and notifications.

Keep in mind this was what worked for me, if you have more complicated gravity forms, you may have other ID references, however for me it was simply changing 3 references in 2 tables – and in the process saving a lot of headaches, time and reducing room for human error.

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