A question that often comes up in regards to buying a domain from Australian clients is whether to buy the .com.au or the .net.au domain.

Originally the .net.au domain was designed for the use of Australian technology companies such as service providers, however the trend never caught on and the original trusted domain for Australian businesses was the .com.au domain.

In general if the domain isn’t for business purposes, however you can’t get the .com.au domain, and like the name you have chosen, you can use the .net.au – however if you want your business to appear as professional as possible I would suggest only getting the .com.au domain.

An option as well is to also purchase the .net.au domain and have that redirected to the .com.au domain – however this ins’t necessary unless you are a big brand business that values other competitors or scammers from pretending to be your business and ‘phish’ credentials or potential sales from you.

Local or International

To keep in mind you can also use a .com domain – and Google and other search engines will be smart enough to display your local business to people searching for products / services in your area, however if your target market is only Australian, getting a .com.au makes sense.

Price difference

The .com.au was originally much more expensive however these days they are both a lot cheaper and similar value.  You could end up paying anywhere from 20-40$ per year for each domain depending on who you go through and how much protection / management / services they do for you to manage your domain.

Importance of domain

Although the choice domain name is important – the quality of your content is much more important, having good content that is easy to read and relevant to what users are looking for is what is going to make the biggest difference.  So don’t stress too much over the domain.  Put the extra effort into writing up great content and getting unique original images for your pages.

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