Currently, March 2014, there is a bug that does not show any external system fonts such as those loaded through Google Fonts and other remote font hosting services.  The bug will result in a page that will appear to have no text, until the page is repainted, which can be triggered by using inspect element, and removing, or resizing the page.  The only fonts, if any that do show are the ones that are referenced on your system, like Arial, Times New Roman and serif.

The code below is a modification of the one found in the Google Chrome bug issue queue that has helped me fix this up for a few clients.  Even though this is temporary, it is a little easier than telling the client to wait until Google Chrome patch an update.

  1. /* */
  2. body, p, span, div {
  3.     -webkit-animation-delay:0.1s;
  4.     -webkit-animation-name:fontfix;
  5.     -webkit-animation-duration:0.1s;
  6.     -webkit-animation-iteration-count:1;
  7.     -webkit-animation-timing-function:linear;
  8. }
  10. @-webkit-keyframes fontfix {
  11.     from { opacity: 1;}
  12.     to   {opacity:1;}
  13. }

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