The Easy Way to use Google Fonts in Photoshop

Ever since Google Fonts came out, I have been a big fan of the ease of the use and integration of these fonts into the web – giving much more appetising selection than the standard 6-20 web safe fonts available since the late 90′s. A great cheer from both designers, developers and clients a like.

The previous methods the bridge the gaps have been using convoluted solutions like Cufón (Canvas replacement) or sIFR (flash embedded replacement – great for smooth fonts – bad for non flash friendly devices aka apple touch devices) – which really limited you to primary text areas like Headings – which can become an additional drag and introduces new issues and limitations – however props to them, still offer smooth font rendering and anti-aliasing – that Google Fonts still can’t offer on windows machines.

One of the most frustrating processes of Google Fonts however was using them in design mockups through Photoshop and other design programs. You would select the font » download » install » then reboot your app (photoshop) that you wanted to have it applied in. And if you missed a font or the client changed their mind you would need to go through the process again.

A much easier process now is through a company called Monotype SkyFonts aka SkyFonts (currently championed on by Google themselves) which allows you to install a program that syncs with your selected fonts that you want on your computer. So as fonts get new Glyphs updated, or anti-aliasing fixes, these will then sync through the cloud through to your desktop ready to use. Essentially it is “Desktop Fonts on Cloud Steroids”. Additionally if you don’t have a font on your system, you just search and click add to SkyFonts, and it will download install and push it live into your open program, and you can just apply the font straight away, so no more rebooting your application, a big timesaver depending on how large your document is, and how powerful your system can handle the open and closing. Much, much easier than it used to be. The only thing and final step that is not currently endorsed by SkyFonts at the moment, would be the complete selection of all fonts through Google Fonts – however these features may become available at later stages as the service improves.

Alternative font services as well are included currently such as and MyFonts with more coming in the future. Missing and desirable ones would be for things like FontAwesome, which from what I can see are not available through the current 3 offered cloud sources. However as mentioned above, updates to Glyphs and additional characters, as definately seen with the progressive generations like FontAwesome, font cloud solutions like this are perfect – as they get there micro delta updates seeping through to your desktop in the background.

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