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Technology Weto Use

WordPress Suite

WordPress is the worlds most popular online Content Management System used by over 35% of the web. With a wealth of Plugins its more than affordable to have an advanced system to compete with your competition.


WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS) helping you easily add pages, images, videos, galleries and forms to generate leads and revenue for your business.


Woocommerce is operated by Automattic the founding company of Worpdress.  It’s been the longest used and popular ecommerce system and allows advanced and simple product modules for your online store.

Custom Fields

Want a more advanced system?  Advanced Custom Fields allows rapid development of content specific pages, for administration, users, marketing teams to layout pages without knowing any code.

WordPress API

We here at ZEN we will ALWAYS use WordPress API for any customisation or development to minimise plugins making your site bug free and lightweight.   Keeping your site as fast as it possibly can be.

Gravity Forms

Their are many form systems online, and aside from developing them from scratch; Gravity forms help speed up development and allow complex forms to be built in a short amount of time.  All sites we develop come with gravity forms.

Post Types

Want something more than blogs, pages, portfolio and products? We can develop custom pages for you based on what type of content you want keeping your site unique and relevant to your business needs.


Websites have come a long way in the last few years.  Software plugins like Elementor, Beaver Builder and Visual Composer are very popular and allow you to edit what you see without complex layouts and needing to know code.


Theme frameworks like Divi, Genesis, Avada, Enfold and even clean slate frameworks like Roots; are always customised from the ground up.  We take pride in building sites clean so that they run as fast as possible for you.

Customer Relationship Management​

CRM's help build a database of your potential and current clients and leads, and helps business operations get that lead against the competition.


Salesforce is the most popular content management system in the world.  Although bulky businesses will always default to salesforce as it allows your business to grow infinitely and the system will always keep up.


Pardot is a new system on the block that helps marketers manage enewsletters and new leads that connect into salesforce.  Pardot is the complimentary system to Salseforce.


Need ticket support?  Want a live chat on your website?  This all feeds into ZenDesk the worlds most popular ticketing system.  Allow multiple users to manage tickets with reports on how your staff are performing.


Alternative to salesforce is ZOHO an advanced CRM with a multitude cloud software and sass apps speeding up your internal business processes and keeping it all unified in the one single system.


Search engine optimisation, Seach Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing are one of those necessary evils you can't ignore. Ensuring rankings & marketing at affordable prices, we make this process as simple as possible so you can focus on managing your business.


Optimising your website for organic rankings is one of the most valuable things you can spend a bit of time on.  Websites takes time to rank, and setting yourself up with keywords and key phrases, a well setup site map and navigation can make a big difference.


Search Engine Marketing is one of those tools that can help you get leads almost immediately.  Google Adwords, Facebook ads and Linked In advertising can help you target your core market and get leads and enquiries to your products and services straight away.


We set your site up on the social graph, this is a recent technology that allows your pages and content to be optimised for sharing and multiple platform publishing with set content and thumbnails.  It’s important to pick the correct platforms so as to not waste time and resources on the wrong ones.


Yoast is an advanced search optimisation plugin designed for WordPress, helping you target each page for certain keywords and gives you reports on what pages need more work.  A must have tool that we configure for you if you are running a WordPress website.

Website Hosting Platforms

Making sure you have professional local hosting ensures fast loading of sites and no downtime* You always own the website - however we can optimise and host for you too.


Over the years there have been many hosting management systems, cPanel is the one that has lasted through the ages and is the most popular control panel for managing your website hosting.


A new kid on the block, WPEngine is fast becoming the most trusted and go to hosting platform designed specifically for WordPress, keeping them locked down and secure, and fast with built in caching mechanisms.


Australian Hosting is often overlooked when choosing a hosting platform, but can be the difference between a slow site and a fast one.  VentraIP and ZEN have harmoniously worked together for over 10 years.


Often overlooked by other hosting and web design companies, CloudFlare is a system (DNS) that hosts your Domains details before the website is actually loaded.  CloudFlare can protect your site from getting attacked and keep your website safe at all times.

Development Technologies

Technology changes on the web all too quickly, we use well established popular languages that have been well vetted and easy for other developers to pick up and continue development for you.

PHP 7+

The code behind the HTML.  PHP is the language that powers a login portal and allows your content to be unique to your customers, from ecommerce, forms, saving data.  PHP7 is the latest system and when leveraged with an SSL can turbo your site supersonic.


MySQL is our database of choice.  It pairs harmoniously with PHP with over 20 years of refining its one of the worlds most popular database languages with no shortage of developers to maintain it for you.


With the web becoming the primary platform of choice for websites and advanced applications, progressive enhancment techniques can leverage the use of HTML5 and CSS3 in your site today and well into the future.


There are many javascript frameworks in use on sites today. jQuery is the designer library of choice for many, and well loved by the WordPress community.  We code smart friendly jQuery scripts and apps helping make your site intelligent and fun to use. 

* 99.9% uptime guarantee
(or your money back)