Their Mission

Rhythms of life is a homeless shelter based in central London started up by Andrew Farris (sketched right) since 2008.  Andrew lived on the streets in London for over 5 years and he promised himself if he ever got into a situation where he managed to get off the streets, he would find a way to help the homeless and make it his legacy.

Rhythms of life served the first meal in May 2008.  Without any regular funding.  Andrew learnt to work with what he had and relying on volunteers and generosity, the team have been able to give a helping hand to hundreds of people for over a decade.

Our Contribution

Amazed by the homelessness situation abroad in London compared to Australian soils, Chris found that whilst he was overseas contributing to a homeless shelter would be a very rewarding endeavour.  Fortunately Andrew Farris was looking for a new website and Chris got in touch and the journey began.  

Working from their head office one day a week, Chris went through and developed a new website, cleaning out old storage units under old railroad tracks, forming great memories and meeting great people.  Thanks Andrew for all your hard work, and thanks for letting me be involved and opening my eyes to those that are less fortunate.

1 in 1000 people will be homeless at one point in their lives due to mental health issues beyond there control.

The average business that contributes to homeless societies removes 100 people off the street into a rehabilitation process that can change lives.  You can make the difference!

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